Truss Scalfholding & Stands

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The combination of a good lighting inventory with a good team can make an event from being an ordinary to an extraordinary one. We boast an enormous range of lighting equipments that facilitate you to pick the products that perfectly fit your needs. Our entire range of lighting fixture from subtle mood lighting to exciting moving head effects help you to set the right mood of your event. Empty space can be transformed into an elegant appealing place by using the different kinds of lighting equipment. You can take advantage of the latest equipment without spending a lot of money by making use of equipment hire facility. Our huge stock of lighting hire equipment means that you can be sure that we will have what you want and when you want it. Our lighting equipments include Moving Heads, Scanners, City Colours, Palcos, and Mixers.

Below is the list of Truss, Scalf holding & Stands

Sl.No. Names Model No. Nos.
1Indoor Truss18/20 
2Outdoor Truss22/40 
3Scalfholding20 Fit 
4Winchup18 fit2
5Vinchup 12 fit2
6winchup Indoor12 fit4
7T Stands Outdoor12 fit2
8T Stands Indoor10 fit8
9Speaker Stand 8
10Chain Pulleys 6

For the complete package, hire our sound and lighting system as well. With our cutting edge sound and light systems, we transform the avenue spectacular and make your party a unique memory in the mind of all those who attend.

Regardless of the type of event you are planning, we have the options for you and offer options in all price ranges.