Snake Cables

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DS Prosound offers a comprehensive sound reinforcement for any small to medium-large concerts. With our very best DJ and top of the range party hire equipments, we can cater the need of the most discerning party goers. Our team of highly skilled and service focused sound engineers and DJs always make sure they will provide you with a superb quality of service.

We boast of the latest sound and lighting technology from leading equipment manufacturers. We endeavor to provide the perfect balance for live sound production and make your events more enticing.

Regardless of the type of event you are planning, we have the options for you. Our rental stock is one of the largest and most diverse. Our equipments are of highest level quality that is tested, tried and reliable and expertly maintained professional production equipments. From amplifiers to microphones our sound equipment hire selection is one of the most extensive available. Our product range of sound production includes Speaker systems, Mixers, CD Changer, Band Gears, Snake Cables, Micro Phones, and UPS. Our stock of snake cables

Sl.No. Names Model No. Nos.
1Peavy24 Chennals30 Mts2
2 16 Chennals50 Mts2

For the complete package, hire our lighting system as well. We provide cost effective solutions for all your events whatever your budget as we have lighting, sound, video and theming in house all under the same roof.