Our Team


Name – Dhinakar
Designation – Founder of DS Pro sound & lights

He is the founder of DS Pro and he is in this field for the past 20 years. He is a well known Sound Engineer in India. He has handled distinct clients from diverse regions in India. He has operated and handled different national and international events.

Name – Hamza
Designation – Sound Engineer & AV Engineer

He has been working with us for 8 years. He is one of the main sound engineers and the reason for an exceptional sound during all the events. His growth in the company is awe-inspiring. He is a multi-talented person in the crew.

Name – Rajan
Designation – Sound Engineer.

Rajan is a well-known Sound Technician and Sound Engineer for the corporate events. He has immense knowledge in handling sound. He is responsible, dedicated and an active member of the company . He has served DS Pro for the past 10 years.

Name- Nakul
Designation- Sound Engineer

Nakul has completed his sound engineering course and has joined DS Pro as a Sound Engineer. He is an active, smart person who is looking forward to handle many shows ahead.

Name – Shravin
Designation – Sound Technician

He started his career with DS Pro as a Sound Technician. He joined DS Pro and has served in a positive way for the past 4 years. He is a well known Sound Technician who is potentially surging as a skillful Sound Engineer

Name – Sharma
Designation – Lighting Engineer

He has started his career as a Lighting technician and today he is a well known Lighting Engineer in DS Pro when it comes to lighting “the Man behind spectacular lighting” is Sharma. He has been tirelessly serving the company for the past 10 years. He is a very well known person all over India, a back bone to his colleagues and well experienced lighting engineer of the company.

Name – Muniraju
Designation – Lighting Technician

He is the most hard working and dynamic person of the group. The person dedicated to the work. The reasons for a good lighting are because of the good lighting technician. He obsessed in providing good sterling light effects.

Name - Abhishek
Designation – Lighting Technician

He has been serving the company for the past two years. In a short span of time he gained good knowledge about lighting. At present, he is a well experienced guy who handles all the backend support and accomplished to regulate any kind of events.

Name – Nagraj
Designation – Transportation Coordinator

Transportation is the extensive factor for a rental company. To be on a far place and for an intact drift we mainly depend on the transportation co-coordinator. He is the ‘Man behind the Transportation’ and has been dedicating his service to DS Pro.

Name – Ravi Kumar
Designation – Lighting Technician

Ravi is one of the hardest working members of the company and has been sincerely devoting his work to DS Pro for the last 8 years. He is very humble and an honest guy in the team. He has a good technical knowledge and a dedicated person.

Name – Suresh
Designation – Lighting Technician

He is a young, smart team player working as a lighting technician. He is a dedicated team member working as a technician in the lighting services.

Name- Joshua
Designation – Technical support

Joshua, technical support staff in DS pro. He is a dedicated team player and helps in all services like Truss, Scaffolding and Lighting services. He is a supportive staff behind all technical lighting and sound services done by DS Pro.

Name- Deepak
Designation- Technical support.

Deepak, young technician who supports in sound and video, very passionate and dedicated person of the company.