Speaker System

Welcome to DS Prosound Equipment hire!

Music is the life of party because it’s what inspires people and sets the mood in guest’s heart. You can take advantage of the latest equipment without spending a lot of money by making use of equipment hire facility. As an event management company, we do not just offer equipment to be hired. We also offer our expertise in installing this equipment.

Our team of highly skilled and service focused sound engineers and DJs always make sure they will provide you with a superb quality of service. We endeavor to provide the perfect balance for live sound production and make your events more enticing.

Sound Mixer plays a vital role in audio production. A mixer is an electronic device which combines the electrical sound signals from microphones, instruments, Tape, CD, etc. With the mixer, you can adjust the volume and tonal quality of each input source to achieve a harmonious and pleasing blend ("mix") of all the sound sources. Put simply, a digital (or analog) mixer allows you to place different sound sources together to create one output, called a mix.

Our sound mixer equipments include

Sl.No. Names Model No. Nos.
1Yamaha32 ChennalsM7CL1
2Yamaha32 ChennalsLS91
3Soundcraft40 ChennalsLive 81
4Soundcraft24 ChennalsGB41
5Soundcraft12 ChennalsSpirit E122
6Pioneer4 ChennalsDJM 6001
7Pioneer4 ChennalsDJM 9001

Our forte is the Combination of state of the art equipments, creative crew, specialist in-house services all under one roof. We work on events of all scales, tailoring our service to suit each individual brief. For all sorts of events, we will have a sound solution for you at great rates.