Planning a conference is a demanding job as there are so many options to consider and choosing a sound and lighting service has its own challenges. The combination of a good lighting inventory combined with a good sound system is what takes a conference from being an ordinary to an extraordinary one. At DS Prosound, we focus what you want.

Lighting has great influence in grabbing the attention. In corporate events, a brightly lit speaker commands attention. Controlling the light around a projection screen helps to increase the impact of the projected message. Our sound and lighting team is one of the most experienced and sought after in the event industry and we provide a complete DJ experience for your corporate event.

With beautiful soft lighting, we make the event lovable and enjoyable. We boast of a large stock of Professional sound systems that ensure your message is heard, no matter how big or small the audience

Our equipment stock is vast, and diverse. Whatever you need for your show or venue, chances are good we have it here. Our staffs of friendly and talented techs are ready to make your event go off without a hitch!

Above all we know that service is the key. We strive in achieving spectacular results on time, on schedule and, of course, on budget. We endeavor to provide the absolute best quality in the market when it comes to customer service, high end equipment or overall professional attitude.