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The term AV is an acronym for Audio Visual means anything that is presented using a sound component (audio) and a sight (visual) based component. Proper planning and experience is required to set up a big event of highest standards. One needs to take care of settings, sound system, lighting and video solutions. Audio visual equipment is a vital requirement for all events whether it’s a corporate gathering or exhibition. Music plays a crucial role and picking the right DJ the right music to get liven the mood of the event is necessary. Likewise, adding right set of light is essential to establish the stylish party atmosphere

Established in 2004, DS Prosound is a professional Sound & lighting specialist and has gone from strength to strength providing a professional service and support for all kinds of events from gala dinners and live concerts through to conferences and parties. Our unrivaled product portfolio includes state of the art lighting, sound, AV, rigging, staging and drapes.

We make use of the latest technology and all of our equipment is professionally maintained making sure your event will have a professional look and appearance. We offer a range of services that are specifically tailored for your needs. Our AV equipments include

Our equipments live up to expectations as we are always updating our stock and maintaining the equipments we already have. Whatever be the occasion, we will have a total solution for you at great rates, so why not give us a try?