Who We Are


As the lights go down before a live rock concert in a crowded stadium. The cheers explode and for a moment, subside as the audience waits for that resounding note. It’s the same moment the audience experience during the presidential inaguration that split secound before he speaks his first word as world leader The Longest pause... What will the president say? What will the band play? And HOW WILL IT SOUND?

From history making speeches to community concerts, if the sound quality is poor, the words...the songs...the meaning and purpose of the entire event are lost. From the first note, that first sound produce from the amplifier through the speakers, the tone of the event is set. The audience, either a conscious decision or not, make their judgment...

Let me introduce myself, I’m “Dhinakar.D” “Proprietor” of “DS Pro Sound and Lights”, a live audio/video production company in the silicon city of India, Bangalore. I have started humbly in my earlier days as a FOH engineer for one of the largest rental companies in India and slogged days and nights understanding the logic and technical aspects of the business. Its then I understood the client’s needs, wants and delivery. In 2004 I started my own company called “DS PRO Sound & Lights” After ten long yrs of hard work and toil today we have raised to one of the recognized rental companies in the entire country.

Ahuge diversity of events has been covered over these years Using NEXO like concert tours, live events, corporate shows, exhibitions, television and film awards nights, theater and open air festivals, branding exercises, sporting, religious gathering and DJ festivals.

DS PRO Sound and Lights has evolved and grown with the production and event management industry itself...From its embryonic beginnings in the 2000 to the slick, highly polished, transglobal operation of the 21st century mind blogging logistic are now crunched Daily and professional teams of Engineers dedicate their knowledge and skills to produce complex and impressive shows.

DS PRO Sound takes the worry out of sound/light/av production. In that everlasting moment before the audience is instantaneously wowed... today our clients feel confident in our audio/lighting/video production they have hired. We treat every event as unique and pride by providing creative, sometimes even unusual solution.